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1. REGULATION. The registration of entry in the camping will mean the complete acceptance by all the campers and visitors of this internal regime. The users of the Camping Coroso will be subjected at all times to the regulations of the campsite's internal regulations, available on the website (, and from which they can request a copy at reception. The reception hours are from 9 am to 10 pm.

2. ACCESS TO THE CAMPING. It is reserved for campers, any other person must request permission to enter the reception. In the necessary case, the campers will be expelled, who by their behavior alter the peace and harmony of the other campers or do not observe the norms of coexistence, as established in the present regulation.

3. REGISTRATION. Every camper will formalize the registration process by presenting the DNI or passport in the reception office at the time of arrival, and must expressly mention all the items subject to payment that will be contracted with the campsite.

4. PRICES. The prices applicable to each service are those indicated on the website on the date of the request for them, including all applicable taxes. The offers will be duly identified as such and will be valid during the specified period or, failing that, for as long as they remain accessible to users.

5. MODIFICATIONS OF PRICES. Camping Coroso reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, the modifications in price deemed appropriate, being able to update daily services and prices according to the market. Such modifications will not affect the reservations already made.

6. VARIATIONS IN THE STAYS. Any variation of the registered concepts must be communicated immediately to the Reception. In case of not doing it, the reductions in the concepts can not be reduced of the total payment of the invoice and the increases in the mentioned concepts will be invoiced in total base of your stay in the camping.

7. PAYMENT OF BILLS AND RESERVATIONS. The reservations of stays will be confirmed by the payment of the indicated advance. The refund of the advance payment in case of cancellation will be made according to the cancellation policy. The full payment of the stay can be made at any time. Camping Coroso recommends campers to pay the bill by bank or credit card. The stays in bungalows will have an additional security charge that will be returned if it is verified that there are no damages or thefts in the equipment of the same. The full conditions of reservation and cancellation policy can be found on the website and at the reception of Camping Coroso.

8. ARRIVALS. The arrival time will be from 1pm to 9pm for caravans and shops. The arrival time for the bungalows will be from 4pm to 9pm.

9. DEPARTURES. The departure of the Camping Coroso will be made before 12 o'clock on the day of departure for caravans, tents and bungalows. In the case of tents and caravans, the plot must be left properly tidied, cleaned and free of any objects at the time of departure. Departures made after 12 noon will have a surcharge corresponding to an additional day of stay.

10. LOCATION. Both the one chosen upon arrival and any subsequent variation must be communicated immediately to the Reception. The Reception also reserves the right to indicate to the camper the location to be used during their stay at the campsite. Only the reception and surveillance personnel can give instructions for its correct installation. It is strictly forbidden to occupy another site to the chosen or assigned to stay at the campsite, either for reservation of the same or any other purpose.

11. USE OF THE PARCEL AND INSTALLATION OF ELEMENTS. The installation in the parcels of fixed elements, enclosures, pavements, landfills, covers or plastic shades, electrical appliances in general or any other similar nature other than those specified in this regulation is prohibited. It is expressly forbidden to connect hoses or other pipelines to the water supply in those plots that do not have this service. As an environmental protection measure it is forbidden to anchor any type of sharp object on the trees or plants of the campsite. It also prohibits any type of fastening or anchoring elements to any type of walls. Camping Coroso reserves the right to force the removal of any type of installation, connection or non-permitted element. The breach of the obligations referred to above will be sufficient cause for the resolution of the accommodation, without the right to compensation or any refund.

12. SEASONAL STAYS. The plots occupied for seasonal stays will admit a family unit of 5 people maximum, and a maximum of 5 adults. Additional people will be billed according to the daily rate prices.

13. SPORADIC STAYS. In the cases of families and groups encamped, in which one of its members attend sporadically, the record will be opened from your arrival until the end of your stay, which will have to be paid each time. It will be the obligation of the camper to notify each entry and exit at the reception of the Camping to proceed with its registration.

14. VISITORS. All people outside the campsite with the intention of visiting family or friends camped in it must register at the reception upon arrival at Camping Coroso. Except for those visits of short duration (less than one hour), all visits must pay the corresponding fee according to the price list upon arrival at Camping Coroso. Under no circumstances may visitors spend the night at the campsite. If they wish to do so, they must notify the reception so that they can be registered for this purpose.

15. VEHICLES OF VISITORS. Those visitors who wish may park their vehicle at the campsite whenever there is availability of seats, paying the daily rate corresponding to the vehicles.

16. UNDER 18 YEARS OLD. These will only be admitted in the company of an adult who will guarantee any eventual responsibility. In the case of not being accompanied by an adult, it will be necessary to present a parental permission signed by the parents or legal guardians and always circumscribing the dates of stay indicated. Parents or accompanying minors will be responsible for damages or accidents caused by them during their stay at the campsite.

17. DOGS AND ANIMALS OF COMPANY, as well as of any other animal that supposes danger or can cause annoyances, must be at all times controlled and tied and with muzzle. The campsite reserves the admission of those animals classified as dangerous or unsuitable for camping. In no case will temporary abandonment be allowed on the campsite by their owners or access without a visa vaccination card. Pets are prohibited in the bungalows.

18. THEFT AND MATERIAL DAMAGE. Camping Coroso is not responsible for damage caused by inclement weather and natural elements, theft, loss, deterioration or destruction of the property of campers.

19. ABANDONMENT OF TENTS OR CARAVANS. All those objects that remain in the plot on the day of the departure of its occupants, without the written authorization of the Management will be considered abandoned by their owner and will be removed by the camping staff, not assuming any responsibility for them.

20. ELECTRICAL AND WATER CONSUMPTION. Campers will ensure responsible consumption of electricity and water in their plot.

21. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY. The plots are equipped with electricity of 10mA. Access to electrical connections will be made exclusively by authorized personnel of Camping Coroso. The access and manipulation of the campers to the electricity boxes is totally prohibited. The Directorate reserves the right to prohibit the supply of electricity to campers whose installation is not in perfect condition. The Camping's official electrician is the only authorized person to examine the breakdowns.

22. ELECTRICAL ADAPTERS. Campers will be responsible for providing the necessary adapters for the electrical connection in the case of not having the proper connections.

23. WASTEWATER. For obvious reasons of hygiene and conservation of trees and plants, it is forbidden to dump them into the soil, and the use of the corresponding container for wastewater is mandatory. Said containers must be emptied only and exclusively at 105 W.C. chemicals located in sanitary blocks.

24. WATER SUPPLY. It is drinkable in all facilities and is carried out with water from the municipal supply.

25. FOUNTAINS, SINKS AND LAUNDRY. The sources are for the exclusive use of water collection. The sinks will be used only for washing dishes and kitchen utensils and the laundry only for washing clothes. The campers are asked to leave all these facilities in perfect state of cleanliness.

26. WASHING CARS, CARAVANS AND TENTS. The campsite does not have adequate places for washing and it is forbidden to wash them in it.

27. DISEASES. It is mandatory to inform the management of known cases of contagious disease.

28. HOURS OF SILENCE (24h to 8h) and REST (13 to 16h) and (23 to 24h) during rest hours and in the interest of those who wish to rest, campers are asked to turn down the volume of the devices radio and audio equipment; reduce the use of vehicles to the minimum, and stop playing outside of the designated areas. From midnight until 8 o'clock in the morning there will be silence. Failure to comply with this obligation will be sufficient cause for the resolution of the accommodation contract, without the right to compensation or any refund.

29. CIRCULATION OF VEHICLES. In the camping the maximum speed allowed is 10 km / h. In order not to disturb the campers' rest, the circulation of vehicles at the campsite between 24 h and 8 h in the morning is prohibited. Any camper who arrives or marches between those hours, shall comply with the instructions of entry and exit of the night watchman. It prohibits the unnecessary use of motor vehicles for internal travel.

30. EXCESS OF VOLUME. Prohibited in any medium of sound reproduction.

31. COMPETITION GAMES. In order to avoid discomfort other campers are prohibited outside the designated areas for that purpose.

32. BIKES. It is strictly prohibited the competitive or dangerous conduction of these as well as the circulation of the same from the 22 h. During the period between 1/07 and 31/08, the use, inside the campsite, of bicycles, skateboards and any other vehicle is restricted, for security reasons, except in the areas specifically designed for this purpose.

33. GARBAGE. These must be deposited in the bins and bins installed for that purpose in the avenues and other areas of the campsite, thus cooperating to preserve the good cleanliness of the same.

34. BARBEQUES. The use of barbecues in plots is forbidden, as well as cooking food outside a container that contains them. It is strictly forbidden to open fire in the campsite, beach and surroundings.

35. VESSELS. The owners of all types of boats must leave them in their plot or in the areas arranged for that purpose on the beach.

36. PROHIBITION OF USE OF DOMESTIC BUTANE. It is forbidden to use domestic butane inside the campsite, except those cases in which there is an approved, registered and up-to-date installation of domestic gas.

37. TRANSFERS OF CAMPING EQUIPMENT. Campers who transfer their equipment to other families, must indicate this in advance at Reception, which may accept the assignment under conditions that, given the circumstances, agree or force the camper to vacate the occupied site, the family receiving the equipment will proceed to carry out the corresponding process of registration and election or assignment of a new site.

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Camping Coroso, S.L. will accept the cancellation of reservations that have been communicated in writing under the following conditions: (1) More than 30 days before arrival: Refund of 90% of the advance amount of the reservation. (2) Between 30 and 15 days before arrival: Refund of 50% of the advance amount of the reservation. (3) Between 14 and 0 days before the expected arrival date: 0% refund of the advance amount of the reservation.

The cancellation, which will always be in writing, will not be subject to any formality, but to be processed, you must incorporate at least the following information: Name and surname of the client and address; the corresponding receipt; bank details for the corresponding refund; and signature (only in the case that the application will be sent on paper-image). Camping Coroso S.L. acknowledge receipt of your communication as soon as possible and refund the amount of the reservation, withholding expenses as indicated.