Culture & Activities. Camping Coroso, Galicia, Spain.




The Barbanza region is itself a great tourist attraction, both for its beaches and for the value of cultural, ecological and landscape of its surroundings. The Sierra del Barbanza, the Dune Park of Corrubedo and the Lagoon of Carregal, as well as the different lighthouses and scenic lookouts such as the Corrubedo lighthouse or the Mirador Pedra da Rá, are some of the most visited places in the surroundings of Camping Coroso.

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There are numerous options to explore the Ría de Arosa from the sea. Several boat trips that sail the Ría de Arosa and visit the famous mussel rafts depart from the port of Ribeira. The selling of fish in the fish markets known as “lonjas” in Riveira and Aguiño is also of special interest for both tourists and locals.



Galicia is worldwide known for its rich cuisine. The proximity to the sea and the unique waters of the Ria de Arosa makes of this area a unique place in which to taste the Galician seafood and fish. During the summer numerous gastronomic festivals are held in the region. Amongst them are the Shellfish Festival of Pobra do Caramiñal, the Barnacle Festival in Aguiño, the Octopus Festival in Palmeira, the Feast of Mackerel in Rianxo and the Festival of the Galician Mussel in Boiro.

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In the vicinity of the beach of Coroso there are several companies that offer water sports like sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, kitesurfing, ... They offer introductory courses and individual equipment rentals. They also offer courses and diving trips with scheduled departures to different areas of the Ría de Arosa.



There are numerous archaeological remains in the region surrounding Camping Coroso. The Dolmen of Axeitos is one of the megalithic monuments of Spain and stands out for its perfect state of conservation as well as for its age (it is dated between 3600-4000 BC). The Castro da Cidá is another attraction of the area, featuring the remains of an ancient Celtic settlement.

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The Summer Cultural Program in the Barbanza is rich all encompassing, ranging from children's activities to concerts, festivals of music and dance, crafts, ... There are also numerous parties organized by the local parishes in the summer such as the famous Festa da Dorna in Riveira, the Festa do Carmen in Aguiño, Festa do Turista in Corrubedo, Festa do Emigrante in Palmeira, the Summer Festivals in Artes, Olveira, Carreira, Oleiros, Castiñeiras ... as well as those dedicated to the patrons of each of the seaside towns: Santa Eugenia, Santa Tecla or San Pelayo.