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Camping & Bungalows. Camping Coroso, Galicia, Spain.




All the camping spots at Camping Coroso are different since each one of them adapts to the existing and unique conditions of the camping site, a terraced forest overlooking the sea. The terraced topography of this pine forest over the sea and the beach, as well as its position over the estuary, offer the camping pitches unique views of the sea.



Camping Coroso features six bungalows located in the highest area of the camping site, with views to the sea and shared terrace for outdoor dining. The bungalows have two rooms (one with single beds and the other with bunk beds) and can house up to four guests. Each apartment includes kitchen with crockery, bathroom and bedsheets.



Seasonal prices are available for stays longer than 30 days. Seasonal prices per camping unit include family unit, parking and electricity. For more information on seasonal offers please email us at


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